Dimash Kudaibergen




    Dimash Kudaibergen is a world-famous  pop singer. Dimash Kudaibergen's solo concerts took place in China, Belarus, France, USA, Russia and Great Britain. For his special contribution to the development of art he was awarded the state youth prize "Daryn", the prize of the Fund of the First President of Kazakhstan — the Leader of the nation.


• 2010-2014 - Aktobe musical college named after A.Zhubanov, specialty "Performance of songs";

• 2014-2017 - Kazakh National University of Art, specialty "Estrade Art".

   Creative аchievements:

• 2000 - 1 place in the Children's Republican Competition "Ainalaiyn" in the nomination "Piano";

• 2010 - 1st prize of the XV Regional Vocal Art Competition "Baikonur Voiced Voices" (Baikonur, Kazakhstan);

• 2012 - Grand Prix of the XXI Republican Competition of Young Performers "Zhasanat" (Astana, Kazakhstan);

• 2012 - 1 prize at the VIII International TV contest of entertainers "Eastern Bazaar" (Yalta, Ukraine);

• 2013 - Grand Prix at the 1st International Issyk-Kul Festival "Meikin Asia" (Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyzstan);

• 2014 - State Youth Prize "Daryn" of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

• 2015 - Grand Prix of the XXIV International Contest of Pop Song Performers "Slavianski Bazaar 2015" (Vitebsk, Belarus);

• 2015 - Participation in the International Song Festival "ABU TV Song" (Istanbul, Turkey);

• 2015 - Certificate of Honor of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan "For a worthy contribution to strengthening the unity of the people of Kazakhstan";

• 2016 - The contest "Choice of the year 2016" - People's favorite, winner of the nomination "Best pop singer";

• 2016 - The holder of the State Scholarship of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - the Leader of the Nation in the field of culture;

• 2017 - Laureate of the Fund of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Leader of the Nation;

• 2017 - ERC Chinese Top Ten Awards in the nomination "Most Popular Asian Singer" (Shanghai, China);

2017 - 17th Top Chinese Music Awards in the nomination "The Most Popular Foreign Artist" (Shenzhen, Guangdong, China);

• 2017 - The second place in the competition "Singer" (Changsha, Hunan, China);

• 2017 - Recognition of the soundtrack "The Battle of Memories" China's first television channel CCTV song of the year and the awarding of the Top Global Chinese Music award;

• 2017 - "The most popular singer of the year" according to the magazine "OK!" (China);

• 2017 - Victory in the nomination "The most famous foreign singer" of the MTV Asian Music Gala (Guangzhou, China);

• 2017 - Victory in the nomination "Best foreign singer" - MTV Global Chinese Music Awards (Shenzhen, China);

• 2017 - Winning the nomination "My Favorite Male Performer" at the Chinese Golden Melody Awards (Hong Kong, China);

• 2017 - Winning the nomination "Best Foreign Creative Personality of the Year" at the Fresh Asia Music Festival (Beijing, China);

• 2017 - Victory in the Annual International Music Festival "Astana Dauysy 2017";

• 2017 - Winning the nomination "Best Original Song of Video Game" by the song "Ocean over the Time" by composer Tomas Parish, performed by Dimash, at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards (Los Angeles, California, USA);

• 2017 - "Innovative Time Leader" award at the "Times Awaken Fashion Night Gala" award ceremony (Beijing, China);

• 2017 - Prize "Astana Spatula 2017" in the nomination "Estrada" (Astana, Kazakhstan);

• 2017 - Medal named after Baurzhan Momyshuly from the Society of Veterans of Kazakhstan (Astana, Kazakhstan);

• 2017 - The most popular singer of the year according to the Chinese award "IQIYI Awards";

• 2017 - National Award "Zhyl taңdauy" (Choice of the Year) in the nomination "Kazakh Music өnerine қosan үleshі үshіn" (For Contribution to the Development of Kazakh Musical Art) in Almaty, Kazakhstan;

• 2017 - Award for Dynamic Craftsmanship, "Beauty Touching At Chinese" Ceremony, (China);

• 2017 - "The Most Popular Singer of the Year" award at the Golden Mango Melody Awards (China);

• 2017 - Man of the Year - 2017, Singer of the Year - 2017, according to the version of the newspaper Kazakuni and the national portal Qazaquni.kz (Kazakhstan).

• 2018 - "New Power in Music" Prize at the "Weibo Awards 2018" award ceremony (China);

• 2018 - The Best Artist Award at the Global Golden Chart Awards ceremony (China);

• 2018 - "The Most Popular Singer of the Year" award at the "Top Global Chinese Music Awards" ceremony (China).

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